Mn State Service rifle Team for 2012

Mn State Service rifle Team for 2012
Mn State Service rifle Team for 2012

Saturday, November 24, 2018

This is my favorite one

Jim Evenson

Friday, November 23, 2018

Just look at it!

Jim Evenson

Monday, September 19, 2011

Phil Klanderud -- Mn State Service Rife champion

Phill Klanderud ignored the cold rain at NorthStar Rifle Club in Red Wing, MN and won the Mn State Service Rile Championship. Phill has been a long time member of the  MN St. Service Rifle team and a top competitor for many years.

Scott Brabec won his Bronze Leg medal and the leg points that go with it.

Mark Havlik brings us this slide show if the Sept Leg match:

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Leg Match at Elk river Sportsman's Club Aug 22, 2011

by Mark Havlik

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mn Mid Range Prone Champ results

This weekend's prone Mid Range Championships were affected by rain on saturday during the Iron sight matches, and by just plain beautiful weather on sunday. 

In the NRA Sling shooting Class, Brian Mrnak fired an almost perfect 599/600 on Saturday despite rain delays and hot humid weather, and then backed up this championship effort in Sunday with a 596/600 to win the Any sight matches and clinch the Regional championship.

In the F-class division, Ben Winget, fired a 590 on Saturday while just getting warmed up, and then bettered that impressive score, with a 595 on Sunday and took the combined FTR and F-open championship.  That was great shooting on those unforgiving f-class targets.  Pat Scully, who dropped only 4 pts behind Ben, on Saturday, fired X for X, and 10 for 10 with Ben on Sunday, and at the end of the day took back one important point of Ben's lead. Pat's 596 score was good for the days match win.   They both shot 33 Xs during the 60 shots for record That's 55% Xs ! 

Complete Results:   Click Pict. to Expand

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Are you first Relay Ready?

From Kurt Borlaug:
  Boys, right now there is a computer waiting to spit out your in-processing info at Camp Perry. It will tell you where and when you'll be shooting.....are YOU ready???
 Have you checked over your cart and or stool for loose bolts, hardware, flat tires, torn bags, old brass or anything that would add excess weight or slow you down? Trigger weighed and tagged?
  Are your processes in order for where your data book is and how/if you'll use it? Extra ECIs? Extra pens? Did you start hydrating immediately upon waking? What is your breakfast to be if any?
  Do you know where Viale and Rodriguez are? Do you know your rotation? Are you shooting first? Do you have a blinder for offhand and the inevitable sun in your right eye?
 Is your gun running? Do you have an oil bottle? Is your rifle clean/ dirty/ slightly fouled to shoot it's best? Is there powder in each case? Seriously, I DO weigh each cartridge before I go.....yeah yeah I know. Is the sling solid or ripped and questionable? Extra sling?
 Are you using new boots/ shoes and how do they feel in sitting? Did your position change? Have you been walking or stressing yourself in the heat to get used to Perry? Are you prepared to possibly scorekeep for some of America's Finest Riflemen? Be professional. They will return in kind.Do you know who you are riding with? Make contacts now!!
  Most of all, are you ready to take advantage of the BIGGEST Leg match you may ever fire in? Are you ready to shoot scores high enough to make you Uncomfortable? Yes I said UNCOMFORTABLE! Once you crash that wall, whatever the number is, you will become a new shooter. Be ready for it. Your Prep Period Begins.....NOW!!!!
Later, Kurt